Saturday, November 4th, 2017



Venue: Stanford Center, Peking University

09:00 - 10:55 Special Economic Zones and Sino-African Industrialization Cooperation: Chinese Dynamics

Chair: Tang Xiaoyang (Tsinghua University)

Ana Alves: China’s Economic and trade Cooperation Zones in Africa - A Viable Model of Development? 

Geng Jianzhong: Chinese Agricultural Technology Transfer in Africa

Yilak A. Kebede: Informal Skill Development, Technology Transfer and China’s Role in Africa’s Infrastructure development - The Case of Ethiopian Construction

Li Hangwei: The Roles of Overseas Chinese Associations in Africa

09:00 - 10:55 Special Economic Zones and Sino-African Industrialization Cooperation: African Agency

Ding Fei: Skills Development in the Eastern Industrial Zone of Ethiopia - A Local Labor Perspective

Hezron Makundi: Negotiating the Technological Capacity in Chinese Engagements - Is the Tanzanian Government in the Driving Seat? 

Yin Zixin: Dialogues between Chinese Companies in Kenya and Local Vocational Training NGOs - A New Outlook on Chinese Labor Controversies in Africa

Christina Seyfried: The Impact of Chinese Financed Development Projects on Political Development in Africa - A Case Study of Ethiopia

12:30 - 13:30 *Luncheon* (Shaoyuan Building No. 7, Peking University)

4:00 - 15:45 International Development Cooperation: China’s Bilateral, Trilateral and Multilateral Approaches

Chair: Malte Lierl (Yale University)

Haley J. Swedlund: Is China Eroding the Bargaining Power of Traditional Donors in Africa?

Mpako Foaleng: Fostering Tripartite Cooperation Between China, United States and African Stakeholders

Damazela Thamsanqa: Will China’s Model of Development Supplant the Western Blue Print?

Adugna Lemi: Aid for Trade and Africa’s Trade Performance - A Comparative Perspective from China and the OECD.


15:45 - 17:20 Education Cooperation: Modalities Impacts and Challenges

Chair: Ha Wei (Peking University)

Nahseem Mimiko: Dimensions of Sino-African Cooperation in Higher Education and Its Impact on National Development - A Case Study of Nigeria

Rundong Ning: Understanding Others Through Volunteering and Its Dilemmas: Interpreting the Experiences of the Confucius Institute Volunteers in an African Country

Gao Lili: Opportunities and Challenges of African Confucius Institutes under the Belt and Road Initiative

Li Anshan: An Analysis of Overseas Chinese Religion Awareness in Africa


17:30 - 18:30 *Dinner* (Shaoyuan Building No. 7, Peking University)