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Africa-China Relations: Balance, Growth and a Sustainable Future

中非关系:平衡 发展 可持续的未来

Lagos Business School, March 16-17 2016

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9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Welcome Addresses - Ian Shapiro (Yale University), Yinka David-West (Lagos Business School), Ibrahim Gambari (United Nations), Anshan Li (Peking University)

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Opening Keynote Lecture

Ibrahim Gambari (United Nations and Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development) - “Growing  Africa-China Relations: Opportunities, Challenges and Way Forward

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Coffee Break

11:00 AM - 13:00 PM

BusinessSino-African Business Models 

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

Panel Chair: Steven Chapman (Cummins Inc.)

Elisha Renne (University of Michigan) - “Chinese and Nigerian Textile Manufacture and Trade

Richmond Atta-Ankomah (The Open University, UK) - “Dynamism in China-Africa Business Partnerships: Insights from Africa’s Oil Sector

Zhuoyan Zhang (Consultant and blogger, World Economic Forum Global Shaper) - “Connecting Resources between Nigeria and China in Digital Innovation

Seifudein Adem (University of Binghamton) - “The Role of China in Africa’s Green Revolution“ 

Shubo Li (Chr. Michelsen Institute) - “Growth through Adaptation: Limits and Challenges: The case of Chinese telecommunication equipment companies in Angola

PolicyForeign Aid and Chinese Financial Assistance

Location: GT Bank Classroom

Panel Chair: Vusi Gumede (University of South Africa)

Emily Davis (United Nations Development Programme in China) - “How is China’s Aid Really Provided, and What Does This Imply for African Countries?

Le Dong (Kyoto University) - “Chinese Official Development Finance Joins Aid Coordination — Case Study of Geothermal Financing in Kenya

Sven Grimm (German Development Institute / University of Stellenbosch) - “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Chinese Cooperation with Africa”

Jean-Pierre Cabestan (Hong Kong Baptist University)- “France-China Cooperation in Africa: The Emergence and the Limits of a New Initiative

13:00 PM - 14:00 PM


14:00 PM - 15:30 PM

BusinessOpportunities in Urban Development

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

Panel Chair: Lucy Corkin (Rand Merchant Bank/RMB Westport)

Jing Lu (Futurepolis Planning & Architecture Design Institute) - “Finding the Middle Ground – Chinese Urban Planning Practice in Africa

Elizabeth Cobbett (University of East Anglia) - “Great Wall of Lagos: West Africa’s Future ‘Gateway’

Alexandra Thorer (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) - “Made by China: The Transformation of an African City. A Visual Exploration of the Light Rail Transit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Yan Yang (Wits City Institute)“Africa as a Property Frontier: Signals of a New Trend in Chinese Real Estate Investment from Johannesburg, South Africa”

SocietyDiaspora Communities

Location: GT Bank Classroom

Panel Chair: Adams Bodomo (University of Vienna)

Ben Lampert (The Open University, UK)- “Balance, Sustainability and Mutual Growth in Everyday Africa-China Relations: The Importance of African Agency & Class Dynamics

Philip Olayoku (University of Ibadan)- “Sino-Yoruba Ethical Intersections and Cultural Modes for Transnational Relations in Afro-Asian Diasporic Spaces

Tao Mu (East China Nomal University)- “The Issues of Immigration between China and Africa from the Perspective of Globalization”

Henrietta Onwuegbuzie (Lagos Business School) - “The role of diaspora communities in the utilization and transmission of indigenous knowledge

15:30 PM - 16:00 PM

Coffee Break

16:00 PM - 18:00 PM

BusinessFinancing Sino-African Infrastructure Projects

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

Panel Chair: Nkosana Moyo (Mandela Institute for Development Studies)

Youyi Zhang (Cornell University) - Domestic Reform and International Adaptation: Changing Financing Models of Chinese Infrastructure Projects in Africa

Lucy Corkin (Rand Merchant Bank / RMB Westport) - Public Infrastructure Financing in Africa: Lessons Learned from the case of Angola

Nama Ouattara (George Washington University) - Filling the infrastructure gap in landlocked countries: an analysis based on Chinese financing in Mali Niger and Ethiopia

Isaac Odoom (University of Alberta) - “Towards ‘Win-Win’ Cooperation? Examining the Impact of China’s Investment in Ghana’s Energy Infrastructure Sector

Okey Iheduru (Arizona State University) - “China-Africa Relations and Regional Economic Integration in Africa: An Integrated Perspective on the Regional Infrastructure Sector”

PolicyRenewable Energy and Environmental Protection

Location: GT Bank Classroom

Panel Chair: Olawale Ajai (Lagos Business School)

Joshua Kirshner (University of York) - China and India: Examining Growing Cooperation in Mozambique’s Low and High Carbon Energy Development

Ogechi Adeola (Lagos Business School) - “Sustainability of Chinese Railway Projects in Africa: A Study in Progress”

Yiting Wang (World Wide Fund for Nature) - “South-South ‘Solardarity’: China’s Potential Role in Accelerating Solar Deployment in Africa”

Sara Van Hoeymissen (University of Botswana) - From Eager Buyer to Budding Conservationist: What Drives China’s Policy on International Ivory Trade?

Christine Hackenesch (German Development Institute) - “Governing the Provision of Global Public Goods: African Engagement with the EU and China on Fisheries and Forestry”

18:00 PM

Reception & Dinner

Speaker - Howard French (Columbia University)

Location: LBS Atrium



9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Plenary Address - Ambassador Zhong Jianhua (Special Representative on African Affairs of the Chinese Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China)

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Coffee Break

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

BusinessGlobalization and Delocalization of Chinese Industry

Location: GT Bank Classroom

Panel Chair: Xiaoyang Tang (Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy)

Emily Davis (United Nations Development Programme) - New evidence on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprises Overseas

Daouda Cisse (University of Alberta, China Institute) - “Delocalisation of Chinese Companies in Africa and its Implications on the ‘Everything But Arms’ (EBA) Initiative

Yating Luo (Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence Foundation) - Workforce Localization of Chinese Companies in Kenya: Perception and Practices

Jinghao Lu (Sino-Africa Centre of Excellence Foundation) - Building a Talent Pipeline: A Responsible Business Initiative for Chinese Companies in Kenya

John Xue (Ogun Guangdong Free Trade Zone) - Free Trade Zone Development in Nigeria: The Operator’s Perspective

PolicyRegulation: Challenges and Opportunities

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

Panel Chairs: Nkiruka Chiemelu (UN Global Compact), Amon Chizema (University of Birmingham)

Wenhong Xie (EarthRights International) - Chinese Enterprises in Africa: Perceptions and Application of China’s Policies on Overseas Trade and Investment

Gordon Shen (City University of New York) - Co-Evolution of Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices in Africa and China

Ulrikke Wethal (Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo) - Securing Local Linkages in Chinese Construction Projects: Experiences from Mozambique

Janet Eom (China Africa Research Initiative, Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies) - Sustainability on Both Sides: African Initiatives Attract Chinese Responsibility

Amon Chizema (University of Birmingham) - “Towards institutions that enable a healthy Africa-China relationship: A focus on Corporate Social Responsibility

12:30 PM - 13:30 PM


13:30 PM - 15:00 PM

SocietyAfrica-China Relations in African, Chinese and International Media

Location: GT Bank Classroom

Panel Chair: Howard French (Columbia University)

Sun Yiting (Freelance Journalist) - “Between the News and the Masses

Jo-Ansie van Wyk (University of South Africa) - “Sino-African Relations in the Media: The Case of the Dalai Lama”

Qiuyu Jiang (McGill University) - “The Ebola Epidemic and the African Community in Guangzhou: An Analysis of the Chinese Media Response to Ebola

Xinfeng Li (Social Sciences in China press, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) - “Reporting China-Africa Relations

PolicyGovernance Risks and Challenges

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

Panel Chair: Ian Taylor (University of St. Andrews)

Nkiruka Chiemelu (UN Global Compact) - “Moving Towards a Harmonisation of Governance Reporting Standards among Chinese Enterprises in Africa

Ronald Chipaike (Bindura University of Science Education and Rhodes University) - “Shortcomings of State-Based Agency in Zimbabwe’s Aid Relations with China

Clarence Siziba (World Trade Institute, Bern/Switzerland) - “Friend or Foe: China and Zimbabwe’s Diamond Mines

Richard Itaman (School of Oriental and African Studies) - “In Pursuit of the Developmental State in Africa: A Framework Partnership with China

15:00 PM - 15:30 PM

Coffee Break

15:30 PM - 17:30 PM

Balance, Growth and SustainabilityChairs of Thematic Panels

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

17:30 PM - 18:30 PM

Keynote Lecture

Anshan Li (Peking Univeristy) - “China-Africa Relations: Practice, Perception and Perspective”

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

18:30 PM - 19:00 PM

Concluding RemarksIan Shapiro (Yale University), Yinka David-West (Lagos Business School)

Location: Honeywell Group Auditorium

19:00 PM

Shuttle to Closing Dinner (by invitation)