Guidelines for Panel Contributors

Panel format

Each panel consists of four to six presentations on closely related topics, involving a mix of African, Chinese and international perspectives. Panel presentations will be 10 minutes in length, leaving ample time for discussion.



In preparing your panel presentation, please focus on a single, succinct argument or take-away point that can easily be engaged in the subsequent discussion. Most panels, as well as the audience, include both scholars and practitioners. While methodological rigor and highest standards of scholarly quality are expected for all research presented at the conference, the presentation itself should not be dominated by methodological questions or references to narrowly framed disciplinary debates.

All conference rooms will be equipped with a projector. If additional audiovisual equipment is needed, please contact the conference organizers in advance of the conference.


Conference Papers

In lieu of a full conference paper, panel presenters are requested to share a memo of approximately 5000 words, summarizing their main argument. The memos should be uploaded at by March 1st, 2016.

All memos will be circulated in advance of the conference. At the conference, all panel presenters are expected to have read and be able to engage with the memos of the other presenters on their panel.